The Art of Delegation

You can’t do it ALL. It’s simply not possible. Unless you’ve somehow brought Hermione Granger’s Time-Turner to the present day world, we are going to call your bluff.  There comes a time and a place when you simply need to step back and call for backup. Now, we are not suggesting this means help is needed for everything, all the time. Simply put: you are unlikely to be able to journey through life without help from someone, somewhere along the line. We all have different strengths and skill sets, so that help looks different from person to person.

Right about now you are probably wondering… wait, I thought this was an event planning blog, why the deep philosophical pondering? It’s simple. The same logic applies to party and event planning. Some people can do it all while planning a party or wedding, others need help.  Let’s talk about how to realize a little help might go a long way and who to ask.

Help. Some folks have an incredible aversion to the concept.  Not us. We are the first to admit when we are in over our heads and need help.  We, Flynn & Bailey Events, work as a team- this means a constant balance of task delegation between the two of us.  But here’s the catch: we work together every single day, by choice. It’s not like we enlist the help of our estranged friend of a friend. That’s why it works, because we know and trust one another.  We can rely on one another to delegate tasks.  

Back to the party planning.  Next time you find yourself pulling an all nighter to complete the place cards, or when you realize you just left a third un-acknowledged ranting voicemail for the caterer, or you completely blanked on favors for your daughter’s birthday party that weekend- it’s time to call for backup. The success of your event relies on the quality of that relationship and reliability of your backup. What if Mom forgot to pay the remaining balance owed to the band?  The band might not call- they just won’t show up. Or what if the rental delivery time was not confirmed? That means the delivery will be dropped whenever- without regard to your schedule- like venue time constraints or ruined surprise parties. It’s details like these that can make or break the overall quality of the guest experience. If you are fortunate enough to have the ideal taskmaster in your life- call them NOW! Don’t wait. However, if you are not sure or don’t want to owe anyone anything, we always recommend considering consulting with a professional (we offer free consultation).  

When you call Flynn & Bailey Events you won’t owe us any favors in return because we will be there, working for you.



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