Thinking Outside the Ballroom

Are you dismayed over the idea of hosting your corporate event at a local conference space? Bored by the idea of your wedding reception in a ballroom?  Feeling constrained by the limitations of a children’s birthday in your own home? Flynn and Bailey Events can help you find a unique location that is well suited for your event.  

Recent trends suggest that our clients seek increasingly unique locations for parties and events.  We have made it our mission to respond to that demand by thinking outside of the ballroom. The greater Philadelphia area is rich with opportunity and locations, it simply requires a bit of creative vision to transform non-traditional venues into an inspired space appropriately attired for your event needs.

Homes and Estates

Have you ever been a guest in someone’s home and thought “Wow. This is a great space to have a party?”.  You are not alone. We are surrounded by homes and estates that have been painstakingly curated and immaculately decorated.  Hosting an event in a private home or estate lends itself to a certain feeling of intimacy and comfort between guests. Such locations can also provide great venues for bridal and baby showers.

Outside the Ballroom (or Convention Center)

A local park… open gallery space… a vacant apartment or business space… an outdoor terrace… each location offers a wealth of possibilities.  Hosting your event in a non-traditional space often encourages better circulation among guests throughout the space. These venues often require little to no work to “dress” as well, allowing the guests to admire and appreciate the space in its natural state. We love designing children’s events “outside the ballroom.”  They are also ideal for networking socials.

Industrial Venues

The market has recently been inundated with converted industrial spaces.  These are ideal spaces to work with, as they often quite literally offer a “blank slate.”  The clean lines and open nature of industrial spaces allows for creative license to customize the events atmosphere ranging from a themed central focal point to a complete transformation of the space.  Converted industrial spaces are ideal for nearly any sort of event ranging from grand weddings to intimate gatherings.

If you are committed to hosting a one of a kind celebration or event in a unique setting, we can help you find the location of your dreams, contact us today!

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