Giving Back

We would not be where we are today if not for the unwavering support of others. As small business owners we continually lean on folks for advice and support.  Such as our friends and family who bare the brunt by putting up with both the stressful moments and our creative craziness, our clients who have put faith in us and helped boost our courage, and our professional associates who have helped guide our good business practices.  There is no way to adequately express our thanks for this ever growing list of community members who help lift us up. So how, in the spirit of giving during the holidays, do we thank them?

It’s simple.  We give back. Pay it forward.  Volunteer. Share our talent.

As a small business we do not have the ability to make large lump sum monetary donations.  But we do have the resources to volunteer our time, energy and talent to a specific cause or organizations throughout the year.

Our community is there for us year round, so we are there for it.  

How will you give back to your community during this holiday season?  

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