The Role of the Wedding Coordinator Explained

Let’s face it- the process of planning a wedding has morphed into an entire industry.  This has contributed to the creation of an entire language, titles and services that are unique to the industry.  Since the services offered by Flynn & Bailey Events includes the role of Wedding Day Coordinator, we are often asked: what IS a wedding day coordinator?   What about the roles of wedding planner and venue manager?  Allow us to shed some light on the industry and its use of terms and how we interpret them.

Wedding Planner:  This title can be a bit ambiguous.  Traditionally the role of wedding planner includes day of coordination, but always double check because such services might be considered extra.  A wedding planner will work with you (and for you) to pull together a team of professionals to help make your day everything you have been dreaming of.  A planner maintains a list of recommended vendors and service providers (from venues, wedding bands, hair stylists, bakers, to the more obscure).

Venue Manager (Sales Manager, Venue Coordinator, Event Planner, Venue Maitre d’, Site Manager):  This is the person who is employed by the venue. This person most likely gave you a tour of your venue, discussed the contract with you, provided a preferred vendor list, handles venue fees and payment.  Often the venue manager is not on site for the day of your event. They might oversee event set up. If your wedding requires attention to a strict timeline, a large wedding party or unusual details the venue manager may suggest working with a wedding coordinator. The venue manager will inherently prioritize needs of the venue over those of the bride and groom because they work for the venue.  

Wedding Day Coordinator (Day of Coordinator):  This person acts as your extended eyes and ears for the day of your wedding, overseeing all the details and decisions necessary to make the day go smoothly. This includes working alongside any third party vendors (entertainment, photo booth etc) to ensure a seamless experience. To make this happen, the day of coordinator will meet with you in advance of the big day to discuss the details and your vision. The wedding coordinator works for YOU, this means that needs and desires of the couple will be prioritized over needs of the venue.  

Having a wedding coordinator is especially helpful if you are working with larger weddings- think those with large wedding parties, or many vendors. Wedding coordinators are also helpful for non-traditional venues, like those held under tents, at private residences or off site in places not accustomed to hosting such events and lack devoted staff.  Hiring a wedding coordinator also ensures that you (the bride and groom),and your family and friends are not left handling last minute details when you should be enjoying the day. No matter what you decide to do or who you decide to hire while planning your own wedding, we highly recommend discussing the ins and outs of EVERYONE’S role for your wedding day to help prevent and avoid any confusion or surprise expenses.  

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