Fall Fest Fiasco (Almost)

One of our biggest challenges is presented not by our clients or vendors, but instead by Mother Nature.  We recently worked with a client to plan a birthday celebration for her spirited 8 year daughter.  This event gave us many opportunities to get our creative juices flowing, as we selected a Fall Fest theme.  The food, decor, games, and entertainment were all fall festival inspired.

The week of the party our clients stress was climbing as she checked the weather. Things were not looking so good- rain, rain and more rain, and the party was booked at rustic Barn at a nearby Nature Sanctuary. How were we possibly going to entertain a gaggle of 8 and 9 year old girls who were stuck confined to the small interior of the Barn?

We were on it.  We set up popup tents adjacent to the Barn overhang, utilized the indoor space, and arrived early to air out the Barn (did we mention the complimentary rustic Barn smell?).  Entertaining the girls was not a problem, providing enough sheltered space from the rain: also not a problem.  We successfully coordinated various vendors and entertainment, served a variety of festival foods, and orchestrated themed crafts and games.  Mother nature will have to try harder next time to deter the determination of the well weathered team at Flynn & Bailey Events.

It is our honest opinion that generally, it is the adults who care about bad weather, the kids just want to have fun!

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