End of Summer Bash

It’s easy to look ahead and get caught up in the details of what comes next instead of living in the now. Especially when our everyday casual conversations seem to center around class lists, school supply shopping, and bus routes. We don’t have all our back to school information yet (I’ll admit that the supplies have all been purchased). We just aren’t quite prepared to let summer disappear and slip away. We’ve decided to embrace the final days of summer with a final HOORAY! 

Live in the now.

It’s time for an End of Summer Bash!  A few tips to keep in mind to avoid blowing through your remaining budget.

  • Shop Second Hand:  We routinely swing by Goodwill and pick up glassware, vases, mason jars etc.
  • Host a Park Party: Don’t overlook your local parks and public spaces as the perfect event space. The cost is often free or inexpensive to reserve, ample space, public restrooms. Be sure to check restrictions, such as noise, or alcohol. Definitely a great alternative to cleaning your own house!
  • Potluck: This spreads cost, delegates food responsibility and provides a common topic of discussion for guests.
  • Say Yes: When your friend(s) offers to help or ask what they can bring, give them an honest answer and ask them to contribute food, a playlist or even help plan a fun game or activity.


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