The Guest Experience

As party planners, we field all kinds of questions.  Perhaps one of the most popular questions always pops up while we are attending events as guests, and the host inevitably asks “so- what do you think?” Cue the dead air.  

I’ll let you in on a little secret. As party planners, we are ALWAYS learning from our friends and experiences.  And while we might have an opinion on your party, we are not going to stop it mid stream and rearrange the tables for better flow.  

If you’d like to answer your own question and know what I, as a party planner, think of your event, step back and consider looking at the party through my eyes, as a guest.  That’s what we do as professionals planning events. We consider the guest experience. So if you need a map to find the bathroom, did you provide creative signage? Would it be helpful to label foods on the buffet table? It’s really that simple.  

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