Party Favors


Let’s talk party favors. What should it be? How much is too much to spend per favor? How much is too little? Does etiquette require adult guests to be included in the favor list?

Why do we give party favors?  Traditionally, party favors are small tokens gifted to guests to express gratitude for joining you at your celebration.

A simply wrapped cookie works for an intimate bridal shower, but is less appropriate for a corporate dinner party. A box of crayons or band-aids are all around pleasers for a party of kids of all ages.

We believe party favors are always a nice gesture, but not a necessary item for your party.  You know your guests.  You know your budget.  We know your theme.  We are happy to work with you to create a favor that suits your needs and event.  We prefer to start simple and build from there.

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